Sir Ralph Neville prepared to take the field

Paladins of Chivalry

The Paladins of Chivalry are a re-enactment society re-creating life in the late fourteenth century (1327 - 1422). We offer a wide range of living history displays such as Medieval Dance, Dressing-A-Lady, Arming-A-Knight, Archery, A Mess of Manners (medieval banqueting display), and our Grand Tourney. Our encampment includes a working kitchen and tents furnished with historically-accurate furniture and equipment. We can also offer smaller-scale talks on costume, armour, herbalism, music and many other aspects of medieval life.

We have worked for several years for English Heritage, appearing regularly at the annual 'History in Action' event, and performed at well-known heritage sites in the UK such as the Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral and Battle Abbey. Our clients include Chaucer Heritage, Birmingham City Museum and the Hastings Heritage Trust. The Paladins have appeared regularly on television, working most notably for the BBC, ITV, The Discovery Channel and Channel Four. We are also invited to perform at local schools, charities, craft fairs and youth organisations.

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An illimunated border from the Lapworth Missal, 1398

Sir John Hawkwood, Commander of the White Company

We are, first and foremost, a performance society. We are hired by heritage sites and event organisers to entertain and educate their visitors, and all our members are expected to take part. Re-enactment is a family-friendly hobby open to people of all ages, backgrounds, races and abilities. Members of the Paladins of Chivalry come from all walks of life and a diverse range of backgrounds. None are professional historians; we research and teach ourselves everything we need to know. To help us to prepare for the shows, we hold weekly training sessions where you can learn sword fighting and dancing, and get advice from more experienced members.

No prior experience or historical knowledge is required in order to join. Each member has a valuable contribution to make and an important role to play within the group, and all you need is an interest in history and in re-enactment, and a desire to have fun!

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